Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Rewind

I was recently going through my computer, cleaning stuff out that I didn't need anymore and backing up those oh so precious pictures of Alexander when I came across a "lost" file of pictures. I must have stuck it in the wrong category and didn't notice as I don't remember ever seeing these pictures of Alexander before. It seems like so long ago that he was this small!

The first two are from mid February, so he would have been about 6 weeks old:
Sleeping on Daddy while he watches TV. I totally forgot they used to sit like this, lol.

Pulling a Travolta pose from Saturday Night Live, while sleeping. Such a talented boy at such a young age, LOL.

These are from early April.


Looks like a face plant, but he must have been tired because he is rubbing the blanket under his nose, something he still does when he is tired.

I haven't looked at his baby pictures in such a long time! It makes me super excited about the new baby coming, just to see what it looks like and its personality. We were so blessed to have had Alexander, who was a super laid back and happy baby. Let's hope we can be blessed twice :D

Thanks for looking!

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Melanie said...

man he has changed...those are sweet especially since you "found" them again